The work in progress

2015-09-23 13.38.19


For now, it’s called

The Bay

It is 1979, and in the dying days of summer Sergeant ADAM BANNER is sent to work in a small coastal town on the East Coast of New Zealand.

Wedged between ranges of native bush, farmland and the Pacific Ocean, he finds the stretch of coastline both claustrophobic and beautiful. The area is home to tribes that prefer to keep to themselves; conservative farmers, hippies and the tourists from the Big Smoke, Auckland – Adam’s home.

A routine investigation into stolen cars quickly plunges Adam into a far more serious crime. The body of a 17-year-old, beaten and strangled, has been dumped just meters from her family’s holiday home. Adam’s superiors connect the death to the spate of car thefts and have their sights set on holidaying youth from the city. But Adam isn’t convinced, too much doesn’t fit.



With the latest draft of The Bay wrapped up. The journey to unravel the bird’s nest that is the beginning of this story begins.


2 thoughts on “The work in progress

  1. I really like your synopsis Amanda. I could get something of a similar length written up on New Year’s Eve I’d be very happy. One day soon I am going to devote some time to the task. For the moment though I just need to keep on with the re-writing.


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