The reading pile

This is the pile that is currently crowding the shelves, table tops and desk in my house.

I have a complex relationship with the idea of reviewing books but I have just read the most brilliant reviews and while he’s a bookseller and well schooled in the art of describing a book in a nutshell. I figured, why not? I can do that too. To read more about this expert’s brilliant reviews you’ll need to check out the post The key to a good review? – Keep it brief!

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Ghostwritten – David Mitchell

Leaves of Grass – Walt Whitman. I’d say it’s a book I’ve been thinking about lately and considering reading again. But in the same breath, it’s not really even a book. It’s an all-encompassing experience.

The Gypsy and the virgin – D.H Lawrence. It’s been recommended and the recommendation was really good.


The story of a new name – Elena Ferrante. I started it. I’m curious. I’m a tad put off by the massive study notes at the start. I didn’t stick with them and there is a little voice in the back of my head saying “you won’t know what’s going on any moment now.” Stay tuned.

McSweeney’s Issue No. 16. This is a book of short stories, a short story in its own book, a clever story on a pack of giant playing cards that can change as you change the order of the cards and a comb. It’s as much fun to read as it sounds. Roddy Doyle is brilliant. A treasure trove of joy!  I’m tempted to put these two titles in the want to read pile because I keep getting distracted by titles like:

Uncle Dysfunctional – AA Gill. This is very funny and very AA Gill. As the resident advice columnist for Esquire, he was Uncle Dysfunctional and his advice is funny and at times brutal. A great distraction from life.

The Beat Goes On – Ian Rankin. Okay, caught out. Not the first time I’ve read this, won’t be the last. Enough said.


The Sellout – Paul Beatty. I wasn’t sure about this at the start. The idea challenged me and I was uncomfortable. But I read on. It is funny, so clever and it makes sense. I won’t say how because that would give it away. Let’s just say it was a well-deserving recipient of the 2016 Mann Booker Prize.


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