The reading pile

This is the pile that is currently crowding the shelves, table tops and desk in my house.

I have a complex relationship with the idea of reviewing books but I have just read the most brilliant reviews and while he’s a book seller and well schooled in the art of describing a book in a nutshell. I figured, why not? I can do that too. To read more about this expert’s brilliant reviews you’ll need to check out the post The key to a good review? – Keep it brief!

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Ghostwritten – David Mitchell

Leaves of Grass – Walt Whitman. I’d say it’s a book I’ve been thinking about lately and considering reading again. But in the same breath, it’s not really even a book. It’s an all encompassing experience.

The Gypsy and the virgin – D.H Lawrence. It’s been recommended and the recommendation was really good.


The story of a new name – Elena Ferrante. I started it. I’m curious. I’m a tad put off by the massive study notes at the start. I didn’t stick with them and there is a little voice in the back of my head saying “you won’t know what’s going on any moment now.” Stay tuned.

The Sellout – Paul Beatty. The back tells me it’s funny. I’ve heard great things about it. I’m not as hooked as I thought I’d be but it’s early pages yet.

McSweeney’s Issue No. 16. This is a book of short stories, a short story in its own book, a clever story on a pack of giant playing cards that can change as you change the order of the cards and a comb. It’s as much fun to read as it sounds. Roddy Doyle is brilliant. A treasure trove of joy!



Bird by bird – Anne Lamott. This was a gift by a fellow writer and it is just brilliant. It’s funny because it’s all true. A great summary of life, life as a writer and all things writing.

Smokin’ seventeen – Janet Evanovich. I was in the library waiting for someone to find a book and this was on a trolly in front of me. I have read an earlier one of this series and thought it was laugh out loud hilarious. I didn’t find this as funny but we had to go back for a book that had been put on hold and I found a copy of Tricky Twenty-Two on the same trolly. I’ve just started that and it’s already reading more like my introductory copy to this series. Not sure I’ll be reaching for anymore though. My Lulu fix may be satisfied.

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