After many years of playing with words, I have decided it’s time to look to a future as a full-time writer.

So here I am. In addition to doing a lot more writing I have decided to embrace the world of technology, leap into the arms of the global world and connect with people I may never actually have a coffee with and start a blog.

After I completed the Queensland Writer’s Centre Year of the Novel with a fresh, crisp new first draft, I was excited and energised about a future as a novelist. Instead, I now have a second draft buried in a cardboard box while I comb through a massive tangle that will eventually become the third draft.

While that sits quietly in a corner I’m trying to unravel another birds nest of chaos that I started as a great idea seven years ago. It’s proving an interesting exercise that I’m only halfway through.

I’ve also completed a series of online poetry courses through Harvard University’s EdX. I did these to add to my writing toolkit. I am confident it helped but it also gave me some wonderful insight into Phillis Wheatley and Walt Whitman. The courses were part of the Poetry in America series; The poetry of early New England, Walt Whitman and Nature and Nation.

I live in Brisbane with a husband, two children and a dog called Russell James Cook.


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