A new day, a new batch of muesli

2017-06-04 10.53.00

Muesli batch no. 3

I’m in the middle of trying to write a post about Walt Whitman and his Leaves of Grass. It’s not looking anything like what I imagined it would but I will keep trying so stay tuned.

Meantime I’m aware it’s been some time since my last post and this morning it hit me. I’ve been told I’m a good cook, mainly by the dog who seems very eager to eat whatever goes in his bowl. So I decided to try a food type blog post.

This light bulb moment struck me as I mixed up the ingredients for my latest batch of muesli. Over the past few months, I’ve been re-living the glorious summer mornings of homemade muesli, fruit and yoghurt. The recipe is one I dreamt up two summers ago. I had also successfully poached some kumquat in a sugar syrup to add to the berries and apple slices. It was sublime, or so my memory tells me.

So, I’m now on to my third batch but for some reason, this season’s crop is not going as I remember the last one. The first batch was more like a new, en-point sort of crunchy, spicy toffee you add to emu or lamb or something crazy. Or maybe an Anzac biscuit that’s dancing to the beat of its own drum. It was a delicious, unctuous mason jar of goodness and it didn’t last very long because I kept eating it – by the handful – it wasn’t pretty.

The second batch, well, for want of a better word I’m going with burnt. I decided in the goal of food blogyness I would adopt a zero waste policy and eat the Mason jar of black chaff. It’s taken longer to get through than the first batch. But I’ve finally worked out the perfect balance of yoghurt and milk to get it down and I’m nearly finished. Yes, it sticks to the roof of my mouth and if I don’t have a cup of tea on standby there is the risk of choking. The flavour palate is an intriguing mix of zingy, crunchy and slightly tart. But as I’m nearly at the end I’ve decided the third time has got to be the charm.

So, the third batch has just gone in the oven. The question is. Will I get this post done before it’s cooked! Hey, I’ve just introduced a time element. Will this be the perfect mix of wet and dry ingredients herbs and spices or, will this to be another jar of something not unlike the ashes and scrapings from last night’s fire?

So stay tuned for the next post.  Dripping – a vehicle for flavour or just a place for the burnt bits?


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