The key to a good review? – Keep it brief!


This great photo was taken by 3dman-eu. Thank you Pixabay and 3dman-eu.

We seem to be awash with book reviews, or reviews of everything really. But I’m focussing on books.  Reviewers remain a great source of finding new authors. Reviews can be brilliant, sometimes they are very, very long. You have to work out if the reviewer shares your taste or you could find yourself reading books that put you to sleep faster than usual and then you have the faux reviews. The personal opinions of readers.

Personally I don’t get much from Good Reads or Amazon reviews. The general formula appears to be a summary of the story. Not what the reviewer thought of it. No comparison to other stories, or the author’s previous works. Just proof the reviewer read it.

But earlier this year this blog from Raven Crime Reads landed on my screen. I’ve gone back to it a few times. There are 20 reviews and they are perfect. Brevity and humour are the key here. Maybe it’s an art form. As Mark Twain said.

“If I had more time, I would have written a shorter one.”

Reviews by Raven Crime Reads


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