It could be a productive year but right now – it’s just too darn hot!

Tree Triplets

Image by Ryan McGuire from Gratisography. I know it has nothing to do with heat but it’s such a heavenly idea right now.

The temperature is predicted to be over 30 for the next week at least. That usually means a lot hotter with the evil  ‘feel like’ figure. That figure is usually four or five degrees hotter and is why a mild 29 degrees at 7am feels like 32! Yes I’m becoming obsessed with the ‘feel like’ or ‘heat index’ figure.

But there is something going on in the atmosphere and it’s definitely about getting hotter;

This is the third year in a row that record temperatures have been broken in Australia.

There was a story of snow in a desert around Christmas time.

The South Island of New Zealand has had unseasonably cold weather this summer. An island known for its heat waves, wild fires and droughts at this time of year.

Yesterday there was a news report of turtle hatchlings dying in the sand because the ground temperature is 75 degrees!

If this isn’t proof that global warming is real then I don’t know what more is needed. For the non believers in climate change you have to wonder if they are the frog in the pot of water that slowly heats boiling the frog alive, only the frog has no idea it’s being cooked.

We are using the air conditioner more now than ever before. But, still hanging on to the idea that fresh air is better than anything else, last night we turned the air con off and turned the ceiling fans on full speed opened every window in the house and a few doors and slept to the loud threatening hum of blades wiping through the air at a speed that suggested they were about to fly off in the night decapitating us.

I’ve heard stories of best sellers being written at times like this. The author melting at the kitchen table in his underwear while he wrote about an ice-cold alternate universe. Hence the picture above. But I can’t quite bring myself to turn the computer on. If I do it’s only for a few moments. I can feel the heat radiating from the little machine and it only adds to the already prickly discomfort I’m in.

But I can’t keep writing about the heat, or the two-week long winter I’m dreaming of. I also can’t keep writing about how remiss I’ve been or claiming I’m finally back.

So, I’ll take my morning coffee and hop in the pool and plan a more structured, effective, efficient and driven year of writing. Yes, that’s the only way I can have my morning coffee. Up to my neck in cold water! Now some would argue this is the definition of an addiction to coffee. I’m going to argue it’s the new world order.


4 thoughts on “It could be a productive year but right now – it’s just too darn hot!

  1. Go on, turn the computer on. There’s a bestseller waiting to be finished. You’re allowed to have the air-con on as well as the computer, if you like.
    Nice post and, just for the record, the heat’s hampering my creative buzz too:(


  2. I so enjoyed this blog Mands – reading it on the boat- not quite sweltering as just been for a dip over the side  & now enjoying my morning coffee!!xx

    Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


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