Sydney, surf and submarines

2016-01-09 12.20.32

Inside the sub at Sydney’s Maritime Museum.

Three days in Sydney to soak up the surf, sun, subs and pirates.

Not the typical trip to Sydney with shopping, theatre and art although we did get to the Art Gallery of New South Wales show Scottish Masterpiece’s from the National Galleries of Scotland. A small show but all true treasures with Botticelli, Rembrandt, Gainsborough, Gauguin, Constable and Monet amongst them.

We spent a day at the monumentally massive Maritime museum. There’s a frigate and a submarine with a new and very beautiful building sitting between them. The building has exhibits and films of life on board the two vessels playing inside. Then it was pirates by Horrible Histories. Loud, colourful, gory and funny.

We were based at Coogee Beach but spent the time with locals who showed us the spots for swimming and eating that only the locals know about.

Although I have to ask. What is it with this city and porridges. Not the oaty kind most of us enjoy in winter. This is quinoa porridge and bircher muslie. Okay, that’s not really porridge. But if  you ask me it looks like porridge.

On our last morning, as we were getting ready to head north for the next leg we stopped for breakfast at a cafe that had given us great coffee and good hot chips over the weekend.

We thought we were being virtuous and ordered the black quinoa porridge with honey poached blah de blah. I assumed it would be the oat type with black quinoa speckled through it. Oh, no – it was just the little black grain and it was cooked in water. The result – yep, you guessed it. Sludge with what the youth at the table called tadpoles eyeballs. Didn’t help that it was cold. Hearing ‘I’m glad I’m not eating tadpoles eyeballs for breakfast,’ as I gulped it down from someone enjoying a ham and cheese crossiant didn’t help much either.

Everywhere you turn in this city there’s some new porridge or bircher muslie in many forms and shades of colour. It all looks like porridge to me.


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