The Moyles are back in Brisbane. We’re not.

2016-01-12 11.07.53

Lunch on the river at Nambucca Heads

The Moyles have done it. They have driven over 10,000 kms as they traversed this continent taking in everything this country has to offer and, after a 10-odd hour sprint up the east coast, crossed the finish line late one evening. That was two days ago.

We’re still a week off crossing the finish line. We’ve only just hit the 4,000 k mark but we marked the moment with a stop at one of the prettiest towns since Bright. A small town called Sawtel. We’ve now downloaded the Allpress app and it tells us where the next town with a cafe selling Allpress is so it did mean a detour but we’ve decided any town selling Allpress is a town worth a vist.

From Canberra we stopped in Sydney did a night in Port MacQuarie and are now in Yamba. I haven’t had internet or wifi since Canberra. I won’t lie – I wasn’t in a hurry to find it. I’ve been here a day and spent it at the beach getting lost in this view.

2016-01-13 14.03.24

Main beach Yamba

After giving up on wild life between Canberra and Sydney my faith in Australia’s fauna has been restored. In the last day or so we’ve seen a fair few pelicans and a disturbing scattering of blue bottle jellyfish.

I also saw a sign warning drivers to watch out for wild cattle. I had no idea cattle could be wild. I thought by definition they were domesticated. Then I saw another sign asking drivers to report wandering stock. So have they simply given up on a particularly naughty herd and declared them wild and washed their hands of them. Or is the sign warning us of cows who are free and easy, wild, cattle who refuse to follow the rules like staying inside the fence?

A thought for the final leg home perhaps. Meanwhile we’re staying put in the glorious Yamba for the rest of the week. Yes, I found the cafe that sells Allpress!

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