Town Pride

2016-01-03 18.00.31

The Everton bus shelter

We’ve got a new car game.  It’s called “What’s in this town?” The game starts as we approach the town. Sometimes it’s nothing. Sometimes there is just a sign by the road. But often there is a building, a town hall or a pub. Most towns have at least one pub, some only have a pub and many have more than one but little else. Sometimes it’s a post office and convenience store. Sometimes the post office is in the pub.

But Tarawingi has neither. This town has a golf course and  a school. It’s beautiful and a little curious. Then we drove into Everton.

The award for town pride goes to Everton and it’s bus stop. This stop possibly has a pot of tea in the offering if you sit down.

Not sure if the busses only go one way. There’s no bus stop on the other side of the road. But there is a convenience store with a post office so maybe the bus stops there.

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