Catching up with the Moyles and discovering Australia Felix

2016-01-02 09.41.51

The Myrtleford/Wangaratta Road at the Beechworth turnoff.

The Moyles are heading to Sydney as we move to Melbourne for the start of our great tour of Australia’s eastern state galleries.

As we turned a corner heading out of the alpine region the country opened in front of us like Arthur Streeton’s Australia Felix. My journey from trees to Australian art had begun, my education in culture if you will.

And, just as I had given up on seeing any animals we came across two drovers and a whole lot of confused cows. The saying “didn’t know whether it was coming or going” couldn’t have been more apt. These great  beasts had no idea what they were doing and neither did we. Where they going to charge into us, run in front of us or dive back into the herd? It would have been a great game except we were playing a slow game of chicken with cows and that can never be a good thing.

The tour of the galleries started on the way to Melbourne with the Benalla Art Gallery where it was all about plasticine and Allpress coffee. The view may have changed from alpine beauty to Hulme Highway brown but I had Allpress coffee in my hand so all was well with the world.


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