Keeping up with the Moyles – not really. Part 2

2016-01-01 11.16.50

Victoria from the top

A good week into our vacation culture is clearly the theme of the Moyles holiday. They have been sharing pics of their adventures including what looks like a university, ancient cave paintings, galleries and conservation sights. Of course you can’t take photos of the art work in the galleries but the vistas say it all.

Feeling the urge to get cultural I turned to the UK Crime Writer’s Association. They have put out some great little inspiring quotes like;

A good writer should always carry a notebook.

I forgot mine.

But we are surrounded by the most breathtaking, inspiring, beautiful views of mountains, rivers and bush. You would think in this environment we wouldn’t be needing notebooks. The conversation would be as enlightening and inspired as the Moyles. That’s what I thought.

Protégé: What rhymes with poo

Me: Nothing, you can’t rhyme anything with poo.

Protégé: Blue, blue rhymes with poo.

Me: No it doesn’t.

Protégé: Yes it does, blues poos or poos blues.

Me: It’s against the law to rhyme poo with anything in Victoria so stop it.

Protégés are thrown in the river. Protégés are happy.

Wildlife: Promises of kangaroos on the outskirts and wombats in Wandiligong. Signs advising on caring for wombats in Smoko. No actual wombats or roos. Did see a lot of ducks. Someone saw a red bird. I saw another duck, brown.







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