Keeping up with the Moyles – and failing

2015-12-27 13.34.15

Saines Lane named after the Saines men who spun magic on this hops farm in Eurobin, Victoria.

Day 1

Friends packed their car with three children, two adults and a nasty stomach bug and crossed this vast continent from Queensland to Western Australia in just four days. Yes, if you do the maths that means crossing the Nullabor in just two days with a very sick child on board.

We took inspiration, sort of, and packed our car with two children and no bugs and drove half the distance in twice the time avoiding anything ending in the word desert.

The Moyles: Drove 11 hours with minimal stops and crossed Queensland and NSW to the border of South Australia.

We crossed into NSW. We also took a wrong turn through some lovely old towns like Tenterfield and Guyra and past Bolivia and Bolivia hill.  Okay yes, the mistake was made when we decided to ignore the GPS and go to Stanthorpe for the apple pie. As a result 9 hours later we were on a gravel goat track as the GPS tried to get us back to the road to Gunnedah. All in all the day took a bit longer than the 7 hours we had been advised by Google.

Wildlife: The promise of koalas, many squashed kangaroos and one live one.

We started the day with yoga in a beautiful stretch of national park to the most intriguing sound of the bell birds. The day ended with the promise of McDonalds as soon as we could find it.

Day 2

The Moyles crossed South Australia.

We stayed in NSW and vowed to follow the GPS lady after the wrong turn the day before. This was the day we took the “track winding back to Gundagai”. We stopped at the disturbingly named  “Snake Swamp” to see the famous dog on the tucker box. No snakes but the dog stayed still for a photo.

Saw more promises of Koalas and the promise of wombats. Saw more squashed fur, a dead snake and a live snake. No wombats or koalas.

The GPS lead us astray in Molong but we forgave her because she also took us through Wombat, Havana and past Pensioners Hill Lookout. In Molong we stocked up on pineapple lumps, liquorice all sorts and after realising the GPS had no idea where she was we followed a big truck out of town and back on to the highway so we were content.

Fortunately it was raining because we really were in the middle of nowhere for most of the day and there really was nowhere to pull over.

Day 3

The Moyles crossed the Nullabor. I think they kept going straight through to Western Australia. We didn’t have wifi so I lost track.

But it was okay, we were now in familiar territory as we took a leisurely  stroll across the border into North East Victoria for the final leg of the journey – the glorious alpine region.

Still no wildlife but I did find a cheeky sangoivese by Dal Zotto so I’m happy. Planning a trip to the vineyard any day now.





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