Festival fever


What is it about festivals that get us all inspired and energised and possibly a little over confident!

They have a buzz that suggests it’s not just me. Is it the inspiration from hearing from all the people you’ve read, enjoyed and loved. I’m not sure what it is but there is definitely something really invigorating about them.

This year I got to spend Father’s Day at the Brisbane Writer’s Festival. Not sure if I should be flattered or concerned by this. Was it a generous offer out of love, or a chance to get me out from under feet? A question that will probably stay with me for a while yet.

Either way, I made it to an event by publishers talking about the industry and what we needed to do to get their attention. I made lots of notes and then I got a touch of the festival bug. Yes, I went up to one of the publishers and not only introduced myself, but I gave her my card….

………  took a deep breath as I tried to walk out without tripping over the stairs or chairs…….

………………………relief when I made it out the door.

Then as I walked outside I do that thing we tend to do. I started running over the 2 second conversation in my head. Only in this case my lips were moving and I was probably quite audible. My hands may have been on each side of my head as panic mounted and I was possibly beetroot red. Yes, the question was going around in my head. “Oh my god did I just make a complete arse of myself”.

………….. Another question that is probably going to sit with me for a while yet.

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