My date with a radio station.


On Tuesday I was invited to take part in a live radio show all about writing groups. So, with my fellow writing and blogger in crime Sarah I thought why not.

It was a mix of hilariously funny, nerve wracking, terrifying and a lot of fun. We have to tip our hats to the security guard. He was warm, very funny and extremely patient with us as we navigated the wrong entry to the car park, car park spaces we weren’t supposed to park in, doors that open with a magic card, and well generally trying to exit the building afterwards.

Possibly the best part of the night was the name I was given. For these few minutes I am Allison. You’ll hear Sarah try and correct our interviewer, but he wasn’t having a bar of that. Allison it was.

So from Allison and Sarah, hope you enjoy

612ABC Bookworms, Tuesday 15 September 2015

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