A literature renaissance just down the road


Our local primary school is holding a literature festival in August. The festival is a four day event with visiting authors, musicians, the team from film company Activate Entertainment and visiting students from Queensland University.

The school also brings in other schools that don’t have libraries or the resources to do something similar so their students can take part.

I have numbers, it’s impressive. In 2014

  • 1100 students attended the festival.
  • 1000 joined the festival streamed live online
  • & over 500 adults came to community events. Those events raised the money to bring the visiting schools.

This year the visiting schools have increased and 1000 schools around Queensland will be able to take part on line.

It is an incredible week and quite mind boggling what they have achieved. The students have an incredible hunger for work by Australian authors. They are like rock stars to them. A literature renaissance is being born just down the road and I have a front seat.

So, eager to soak some of this up I’ve volunteered to help out. My first job has been posting about the visiting authors on the festivals Facebook page.

It’s this that has kept me away from my blog. This and a small trick I picked up from Hillary St John Mandel at the Auckland Writers Festival earlier this year. She told us she reads random pages out of order while she is editing. I have printed out 50 pages and made a lolly scramble of them. It felt incredibly freeing to do it and it seems to be working.

So with inspiration from the Auckland Writers Festival still fuelling me I can’t wait to see what gems I pick up from this next one.

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