It’s been a month!

Image by Ryan McGuire from Gratisography.

Image by Ryan McGuire from Gratisography.

Tangled in visitors from cooler climes somehow a month has slipped by without a sound.

It’s the visitors from cooler climes that have inspired me today. That and a line I would love to use one day and I’m going to sort of use as theme to this post.

The humidity reached that point where it feels like you’re wading through your own sweat.

After melting through my second summer I have been looking forward to winter. But, winter in Queensland is more like spring in, really, any other place in the world. It is beautiful, the sun shines, the sky is blue. It does’t rain. In fact this is our dry season.

So, with my soul craving freezing, I have, from time to time, grumbled at Queensland’s inability to do winter.

I’ve seen people wearing winter clothes, but like the weather, it’s not the complete picture. I’ve seen winter jackets or jumpers and scarves and even hats – but with sandals. I’ve seen leather boots  – but the wearer has been sporting a light t-shirt or even a singlet.

But, nights are red wine cool. Mornings are porridge cold and there is no humidity, the sky is blue and the sun is shining. All up, this is a pretty perfect season.

2 thoughts on “It’s been a month!

  1. Please dont wish me more cold my dear friend. I press myself up against the glass door in a day just to get a small grasp on some extra degrees, wishing and hoping that winter will be short, and my favourite time of year, spring, will be upon us – definitely the most glorious of Queensland seasons. A mild 15-18 overnite, with a 26-30 during the day. That is love my friend…. That is love…


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