Auckland Writers Festival – Haruki Murakami


Day 2 – last talk of the night

Let’s start with 1Q84. It is about two 10-year olds who hold hands briefly one day at school. They say nothing. Now turning 30 they are still waiting to meet each other again. It is a pure and complete love that they have each sustained over the decades. So, what kind of person waits a lifetime for the love of their life? Well, in this case one is a serial killer, the other is taking part in the largest literary fraud in the country. A truly breathtaking and remarkable story. Japanese author Haruki Murakami wrote it. He was a university student before I was born and at learning this, and bearing in mind the talent behind his work, it struck me that trying to create a post from the hour we got to listen to him speak just seemed wrong. So, I’ll leave you with this.

In your head, everyone has a house and a basement and a sub basement and you go down to the darkness of the sub basement. It is not easy to go down and some people can’t come back. Writers come back and they see everything. Haruki Murakami, Auckland Writers Festival 2015.

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