Auckland Writers Festival – Bleeding for the Blues


Day 2

UK author David Mitchell worked through jet lag on Saturday morning to share some very interesting and funny gems to a full house in a large auditorium. What that meant for me was an hour of note taking in pitch black. But I was not going to let the lack of sight stop me from taking down these gems.

Naming your characters.

Yes, there are some rules.

  • No 1-  and most obvious – It has to be the right name.
  • It needs to stick in the eyeballs.
  • And, high Scrabble scores make good names. As long as it sticks in the eyeball.

The early days.

In essence that first six months you spend labouring over your first masterpiece isn’t actually the book you thought you were writing. But that is fine. You take that six months of work and take from it what you want and then start working on the real story.

You think it’s the edifice of the building that you are creating but it’s not it’s just the scaffolding that goes around the building that has yet to be built.

You need to bleed for the blues. David Mitchell, Auckland Writers Festival 2015

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