Another gem from Tim Parks – Stifled by success


This image from New York Review of Books accompanies the article below. It is by Max Beerbohm.

Another newsletter was posted in my mailbox by the New York Review of Books last week. The title is what intrigued me first. Stifled by success. My attention was piqued. It makes sense I thought. The celebrity that follows a successful book surely must change how and what an author writes afterwards. I’ve been dwelling on this title and intro for a week now. I’ve included in this week of mulling things like the news J.D Salinger is about to release her first novel and the anticipation the world is in waiting for it. I was quite convinced I’d agree with the article if I ever got round to reading it. Then, I saw Ian Rankin is releasing another Rebus story! This man writes sharper, tighter more thrilling exciting stories with each new one. But I’m not sure his work reflects public pressure. I suspect any changes, tightening and confidence in his writing comes down to that elusive thing called talent and the act of writing regularly. So then I thought I might read the original article and saw it was written by Tim Parks. My only question quickly became “why has it taken me a week to read the article.” It’s brilliant, it’s Tim Parks and it seems only right to share it.

Stifled by success

By Tim Parks

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