What’s Your First Draft Like? – Harry Bingham

Rebecca Bradley

harry-between-houses (2)Today I’m welcoming into the first draft hotseat crime writer Harry Bingham. And in Harry’s own words; The twenty-five word bio:

Forty-something. Married. British. Kids. Living in Oxfordshire. Runs The Writers’ Workshop. Used to be a banker. Now a full-time writer. Likes rock-climbing, walking, swimming. Done.
When you decide to write something new, what is the first thing you do?

Drift around for three months or so waiting for ideas to come fluttering in.

Do you have a set routine approaching it?

I write a book a year, so I usually spend the summer dealing with the final edits on the previous manuscript. I make sure I get together with my editor and my literary agent. I also try to get the rest of my work life in order, so that I can burrow away from the world in autumn/winter.

Pen and paper or straight to the keyboard?

Straight to keyboard…

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2 thoughts on “What’s Your First Draft Like? – Harry Bingham

    • It was my honour. I got a lot from the article, thank you for getting all these talented people to share with us. I’ve just seen your post on Shallow Waters and I’m very keen to read that.


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