So this is how it starts

I have decided to embrace the world of technology, leap into the arms of the global world, connect with people I may never actually have a coffee with and start a blog.

I have been giving some thought to what my maiden post is going to be, or look like and then I stumbled across an article that gave me some food for thought and a good place to start.

The article was about an injunction against a television show. The argument is the actors are in breach of trade laws because they are not portraying the family in an accurate way.

I did start to think about these stories based on actual events and what our expectation of them is. Do we take it as fact or assume there is some fiction involved? Or, do we assume that a story based on true events means it is a documentary and everything is fact.

Now I did see some of the first episode of this show in question and I didn’t think for a minute it was a documentary, or that it was all fact.

There are those novels based on actual events where fact was blurred in the name of a good read. We know because the media tell us about it and there is a lot of chatter on this place we call the web when it is revealed. It seems it is not the done thing. But before the great revelation these stories were considered great reads.

So, here I am now wondering if it is just me or is it generally assumed that when we read something based on actual events we assume there will be a bit of polish, a bit of suspense or drama. Something to keep the story alive and keep us hooked. What about creative license?

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